Peter Doyle's New CD

Official Launch : 29th May, 2004 at

Kingston City Hall, Victoria


Peter's sister, Kerryl Rae has been in touch to say how much she has appreciated everyone's thoughts and comments on the launch and release of Peter's CD:

“It was very emotional for me to go through the website and feel the excitment as we celebrate the launch, and to see just how much he was loved and respected as I read through the messages and well wishes from all over the world.”



from those of us who can only wish we were there!


I deeply regret that I can't be there with you all on the night,  I could probably fill a whole website trying to express my feelings about the launch, Peter and the new CD and still not find nearly the right words!  I know tonight is the culmination of a lot of hard work borne of love for a very special person and all those involved have my deepest appreciation.  So between a celebration of Peter's life and the Premiers final concert, you have a great night ahead - enjoy it and know there are a lot of us around the world who will be there with you, if only in spirit! - Gwyneth Taylor (Wales, UK)

I received the news of a new CD by Peter Doyle with great excitement. I didn’t know anything more, nor did I need too, the mere fact that there was to be one was enough. Imagine, therefore, my amazement at discovering that it was to be something even more special – a collection of previously unreleased material! Peter’s music has always been an important part of my life and I envy all those who ever had a chance to meet him. This CD will, I feel sure, serve as a reminder, should one be needed, of Peter’s amazing talent. Those who have worked tirelessly to bring to fruition what can only be described as a labour of love have my undying gratitude and I wish everyone concerned with the launch every success. I only wish I could be there to share your evening, though I feel sure Peter will be looking down, feeling so proud that you have ensured he will never be forgotten. - Robert Curry (England, UK)

Peter Doyle I guess you could say was one of my very first crushes as a little girl, there was this gorgeous little blond boy on “Swallows Juniors”.  Well time goes by and we all get older, it was nice to watch Peter go through his music career and see the many changes in that career, which showed what a mega talent he was, it is so wonderful to see that his memory is being celebrated with this CD and his music will go on. - Bonnie (Melbourne, Australia)

I would love to be with you all on May 29th but sadly this can't be - but I am so looking forward to playing my copy of the Peter Doyle CD. Thank you to all Peter's family and friends who made this CD possible - I know that all Peter fans here are thrilled.
Peter Doyle forgotten- NEVER - not if I have anything to do with it.
He will always remain the greatest musical talent (and my first love!). Have a wonderful evening.
- Jan Kelsey (London, UK)

Dear Peter,
I would like to thank you so much for all the beautiful things you have given me. I don't know which or who I fell in love with first, you or your music. I guess it's not surprising that my husband Peter and you have a lot in common. We met in a band, he was the singer/guitarist that reminded me of you but he turned out to be the very kind and gentle man that I think you also were. He's the love of my life like Jane was for you. I'm still in a band now enjoying singing and fine guitarplaying (by our guitarist) as much as you did. You have given us so many beautiful songs with beautiful guitarparts, thank you so much for that, for everything. I'm so looking forward to all the new songs on your new CD and would like to thank Jane, your family and friends for making this possible for us. You're not with us anymore but forever in my heart.
With love and respect, Romy Jeltema-Janssen (Roos) (The Netherlands)

I would like to add my very best wishes for a super launch night. Peter has played a part in my life now for more than 32 years. I first heard his wonderful voice in 1972 and I haven't recovered yet. Peter is responsible for so many beautiful songs and I still think he was one of the most talented vocalists ever. It's such a shame we never got to hear more — until now - I can hardly wait to hear the new CD!! It's been a long time since 1977 and the release of Skin Deep - why so long??!! Many, many thanks from the bottom of my heart to all the people involved in putting the new CD together. Have a great night and lots of love to the memory of Peter.
- Paula Spooner (England, UK)

Many thanks to all concerned in actually getting us starved Peter Doyle fans some “new” material to listen to. I personally have been a fan of Peter's for more years than I care to mention, and I can't wait to hear the tracks on “Rarities”. Here's hoping it isn't the last of the releases of Peter's so far unheard music.
I hope all goes well at the launch next Saturday and that you raise lots of money for charity. Have a great evening and thank you again from a fan of a truly talented, but underestimated man, whom we all miss. - Susan Shanley (East Lothian, Scotland)

Have a very special evening. I'm looking forward to hearing the Rarities CD. Peter's voice was unique and very special. - Bob Holt (Birmingham UK)

I'm so looking forward to hearing some “new” material from Peter. I hope the launch goes well and lots of money is raised from the sale of the CD.
You'll certainly NEVER be forgotton Peter. How could anyone ever forget that voice?
Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved. - Sue Smith (England, UK)

Agnetha Rosen from Sweden would like to add her best wishes to the above.

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