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For the international fans, it started somewhere between the moment Peter walked off the stage for the last time as a New Seeker and the release of the last single This and That.  The flip side of of that single may have been titled It's All Over, but the fans never believed it was, they just settled back to wait for the next release.  Information may have been scarce, but wherever he was, they knew Peter would be working and recording............

Indeed, he was, but what the fans would never have guessed was that Peter had become gravely ill and as those close to him supported and comforted him through the last few years they learnt about his worst fear, the fear that he and his music would be forgotten.

Family, friends and fans were devastated by Peter's passing, but there was still something his closest friends could do for him, they could help to ensure Peter never would be forgotten.

To this end, Peter's wife, Jane, John Cartwright, Neil Gray and Greg Lynch worked together to produce and launch “Peter's First CD”, Rarities, a labour of love, a lasting tribute to a wonderful artist and an absolute gift to his fans.



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First formed in 1959, this was The Premiers final performance.


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