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 New Seekers Yahoo Group CD Poll


Message from the Yahoo New Seeker Group:

With the recent release of the New Seekers Songbook, CD a  further promised CD collection, future releases from Lyn Paul, Peter Doyle and Eve Graham all in the pipe-line and of course with the current line-up of the group touring the country with a fantastic show, it seems like a good time for the fans to consolidate and let the various record companies and world in general know what we would like to see with regard to future releases.

Compared to those of many lesser known, lesser successful acts, the New Seekers catalogue has had a poor showing in the CD stakes, until recently, with very little but the occasional hit compilation reaching the market and only one original LP reappearing in CD form. There is still a lot of New Seekers material which has not yet been released to CD and so we are having a poll to see what the fans would choose to put on to CD next.

We are also trying to open up a discussion to find out what the fans really want - to see all the original material released on CD? Better planned compilations? More concentration on the very early or later releases than the "classic lineup"? Something from the current lineup?

Again, please post your thoughts on this on the Yahoo board, or if you prefer, e-mail them to me so that they can be included in our overall picture.

Provisional closing date (just to get you focused!) will be the 31st July, 2006, but updates are available on the Yahoo Group message board, with a more detailed page on the Poppy's Place website.


Please note that this poll has now closed.

Updated 07.01.07


 Favourite Songs

Voting still open!

To mark the anniversary of Peter's birthday in 2005, we launched a chart for fans to choose their favourite Peter Doyle recordings.  Given the variety and quality of Peter's work we are currently left with a lot of songs tying for the top 10 places!  The chart remains open, so if you haven't voted yet, you haven't missed your chance!  You can vote for up to 15 songs but no more than 10 from any of the 3 categories, which are quite simply:

1) any recording of Peter released before he joined the New Seekers (as a solo artist or group member).
2) any New Seeker recording which included Peter Doyle.
3) any recording (except New Seekers) which included Peter and was released after he left the New Seekers.

If you want a reminder of all of Peter's releases check through the song list but please note the list does include some New Seekers songs made before Peter joined and after he left the New Seekers.  Any recording Peter wrote or performed on will count.

Send your choices by e-mail to the usual contact address  (Click here)

You can view the chart here


12th September, 2004

September saw the get-together of
around 50 fans and New Seekers
past and present.

New Seekers 2004

New Seekers and fans singing some of the old favourite hits together
Singing Together - New Seekers and
fans at Chorleywood


 CD Launch
29th May, 2004

CD front cover picture
'Rarities' - Peter's first CD

Peter Doyle's first CD was launched at a special event at the Kingston Hall, Moorabin, Australia.

The Launch


 The “Blackpool Six”
12-14th September, 2003

The first get-together by members of the New Seeker Yahoo Group, Blackpool.

Clockwise from top left: Colin, Nic, John,
Jan, Susan and Gwyneth

Oh - we did like to be beside the seaside.....




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