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Peter's musical career began at an early age when he joined Swallow's Juniors following great success in the TV show's talent contest.  Peter honed his singing, instrumental and entertaining skills performing regularly on the show for five years and also appearing at hotels and clubs.  At the age of 14 he became a regular on the Sunday afternoon shows at Melbourne's Festival Hall and was offered his first recording contract whilst still at school.

His first solo single was a hit and was quickly followed up by several more, an album and two EPs.  Next Peter joined Grandma's Tonic recording two singles as the group's lead singer and then two more as a soloist with the group providing backing.  Further recordings came after he joined the Virgil Brothers whose success landed them a trip to the UK and then Peter was invited to join the New Seekers making numerous records and scoring a good number of international hits.

After Peter left the New Seekers, he carried on recording but releases were much less prolific, his last single was released in 1980 though happily for us,  Peter kept many unreleased recordings and from these treasures, his friends recently put together a CD of Peter's unpublished work.


First Recording

Lucky Devil / When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
A 7inch 78rpm record probably recorded at the Wilbur Williams studios in Northcote, Victoria when Peter was about 10 years old.


1965 - Solo

Speechless (The Pick Up) / Like I Love You
Stupidity / Heigh Ho
Watcha Gonna Do About It? / Do It Zula Style

Stupidity and Speechless


1966 - Solo

The Great Pretender / Everybody Loves a Lover
Something You Got Baby / Go Away
Tweedlee Dee / Mr Goodtime

The Great Pretender

Peter's 1st Album


1966 - Grandma's Tonic

Hi Hi Hazel / Johnny the Hummer


1967 - Grandma's Tonic

I Know / Lost Girl


1967 - Solo

If You Can Put That In A Bottle / I'm Not The Boy You're After
Plastic Dreams and Toy Balloons / You're My Remedy


1968 - The Virgil Brothers

Temptation 'Bout To Get Me / I See Her Face
Here I Am / Shake Me, Wake Me


1969 - The Virgil Brothers

Temptation 'Bout To Get Me / Look Away
When You Walk Away / Good Love

The Virgil Brothers


1970 - 1973 The New Seekers

See Separate Discography


1973 - Solo

Rusty Hands of Time / And So In Life


1974 - Jungle Ted

Jungle Ted and The Lacey Buttonpoppers
Peter appears on the A side only.


1974 - The New Seekers

Sing Hallelujah / Unwithered Rose
Released after Peter left the group but the B side was one of his compositions with his lead vocal.


1975 - Lyn Paul

It Ought to Sell A Million
Peter sings backing vocals.


1976 - Solo

Friday On My Mind / We Believe In Lovin'


1977 - Solo

Skin Deep / We Believe in Lovin'

Skin Deep


1980 - Solo

Do You Wanna Make Love? / Wake Up With Me
This and That / It's All Over


1981 - The Video Kids

You're Never Too Young to Dance


1989 - Solo

Festival Files: Speechless


2004 - Solo



The Songwriter

In addition to his vocal and instrumental talents Peter was an accomplished song writer.  His published songs include:

And So In Life - Recorded by Peter and released as the B side to Rusty Hands of Time in 1973.
Boom Town - Recorded with the New Seekers and first released as the B side to I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing in 1971.
Captain Stormy (with Brian Peacock) - A New Seekers album track. Peter is only credited on American releases. First appeared in 1972.
Cincinatti - A New Seekers B side and album track. First released in 1971.
Heart Filled Up - A Skin Deep album track from 1977.
Heaven Help The Poor Man - Released on the Rarities CD in 2004.
I Can Say You're Beautiful - New Seekers B side and album track. First released in 1972.
I'll Be Your Song - Sung by Marty Kristian only appeared on the New Seekers' Polydor Circles 1972 album and a later Reader's Digest collection.
It's All Over - 1980 solo B side on Peter's last UK single release.
It's Now - Sung by Davy Jones, it became a huge hit for him in Japan and launched his solo career there.
Lady You Got Me - Released on the Rarities CD in 2004.
Lay Me Down - A New Seekers album track written for and sung by Lyn Paul and also released as the B side to her solo single Sail the Summer Winds.  First released in 1972.
Look Away - A B side for the Virgil Brothers and Peter's first known, published song, first released in 1969.
Move Me Lord - New Seekers' B side and album track first released in 1972.
One More River - A Skin Deep album track from 1977.
Reason to Stay - Written with Marty Kristian and now available as a demo recording performed by Marty on his Echoes CD.
Reel Back - A Skin Deep album track from 1977.
Rocky Lady - A Skin Deep album track from 1977.
Sailor Man - A Skin Deep album track from 1977.
This and That - Peter's final single A side, released in 1980.
Time Limit - written with and lead sung by Marty Kristian. Another New Seeker B side and album track first released in 1973.
Unwithered Rose - New Seeker B side and album track first released in 1972.
Wake Up With Me - This B side appeared with Do You Wanna Make Love? in 1980.
The Way It Goes - A Skin Deep album track from 1977.
Will We Find Heaven? - Released on the Rarities CD in 2004.

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