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The Credits
Compiled by Neil Gray, John Cartwright and Jane Doyle
Executive Producer - Jane Doyle.  All tracks remastered by Neil Gray at True Form Recording, Melbourne, Australia.

We've always been used to hearing a broad cross section of music from Peter and this new CD is no exception. From oldies classics like China Doll and Mona Lisa to Australian 80's hit State of the Heart along with a few of Peter's own compositions: Heaven Help the Poor Man, Lady You Got Me and one he wrote for Jane - Will We Find Heaven? Take the Right Train is the one number fans may have heard Peter sing before under it's original title: We Believe in Lovin'.  One song in the collection not sung by Peter is a tribute written for him by his close friend and fellow muso John Cartwright. Peter loved the song and had planned to include it on an album which was never made and it has therefore been fittingly added to this album. The CD comes full-circle with a recording of Irish Eyes, the first song (though not the same recording) Peter cut to disc.


From the sleeve notes

“Ironically, Peter's greatest fear was that he would be forgotten, Well, this CD will ensure that will not happen and hopefully this will not be the last compilation of Peter's unreleased recordings.

“Proceeds from the sale of the CD will be donated to the Hyperbaric Decompression Chamber Unit at the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Australia. The nursing staff were absolutely wonderful to Peter during his visits there and we have since found out that they receive no government or private funding. We can only hope this will help them to continue their most valuable work” - Jane Doyle



Copies available from Offbeat Music, Australia

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