There have been a number of compilations released on LPs and CDs which include both Peter's solo and group work from the Sixties.  These include:



10 Years of Hits (Peter Doyle)
'66 And All Those Hits (Peter Doyle)
Australian Rock Heritage Volume One (Peter Doyle)
Before Birdmen Flew Volume Two (Grandma's Tonic)
The Big Four (Peter Doyle)
The Big Parade (Peter Doyle)
The Bowl Show (Peter Doyle)
Festival All Star Parade (Peter Doyle)
Kicks (The Virgil Brothers)
Made In Australia (The Virgil Brothers)
Oz Rock Classics (Peter Doyle)
Sunshine All Star Spectacular (Peter Doyle)
Ugly Things Volume One (Grandma's Tonic)



Buried But Not Dead (Peter Doyle)
Devil's Children Volume Three (Peter Doyle)
Hot Generation (Peter Doyle)
Lost Tonic (Grandma's Tonic)
Sixties Down Under Volume Three (Peter Doyle)
Sixties Down Under Volume Four (Virgil Brothers)



Sixties Solo Tracks


Sixties Down Under Volume 3
Raven RCVD 81 (1998)

Sixties Down Under Vol 3

She's So Fine - The Easybeats
Someone - Bobby & Laurie
Stupidity - Peter Doyle & the Phantoms
Little Boy Sad - M.P.D Ltd
That's What I Want - The Cicadas
Mary Lou - The Changing Times
Judy Green - Bobby and Laurie
Wedding Ring - The Easybeats
The Breaking Point - Normie Rowe
Ain't It Strange - Ray Brown & the Whispers
Gypsy Woman - The Allusions
I'm Gonna Try - The Purple Hearts
Black - The Throb
Diddy Wah Diddy -
The Running Jumping Standing Still
If I Had A Ticket - Phil Jones & the Unknown Blues
Hey Baby - La De Das
What's Wrong With The Way I Live? - The Twilights
Painter Man - Larry's Rebels
Krome Plated Yabee - The Wild Cherries
Magic Eyes - James Taylor Move
Sad - The Playboys
Listen - Procession
Hide and Seek - Somebody's Image
2,000 Weeks - Terry Britten
Dear Prudence - Doug Parkinson in Focus
5.10 Man - The Master's Apprentices
Mr. Guy Fawkes - Dave Miller Set
The Real Thing - Russell Morris


Buried But Not Dead
Red Rock Music Inc (2001)

Tweedle-E-Dee - The Avengers
I've Got to Go - The Vibrants
Everything I Touch Turns to Tears - Jeff Phillips
You've All Gotta Go - The Party Machine
La-De-Da - The Clik
Plenty of Room Up Top - The Colours
If I Never Get To Love You - Buddy England
Love Makes Sweet Music - The Valeniines
Laughing Man - Town Criers
St. John's Wood - The Sect
Plastic Dreams And Toy Balloons - Peter Doyle
You Gotta Live Love - The Groop
Pretty Girl - Perfection
Good News - The Iguana
Nice Girl - Motion
That's The Way It Is - Marcie Jones
One Day in Every Week - The Procession
Who Could Be Lovin' You - The Dream
Please Do Something - Norman Willison
Sally - The Cherokees


Hot Generation!
Big Beat CDWKD 216 (2002)

Hot Generation CD

Hot Generation - The Sunsets
I'm Still Mad At You - The Soul Agents
How Can It Be -
Tony Worsley & the Fabulous Blue Jays

Good Evening Girl - Johnny Young Every Minute Of You - Marty Rhone & the Soul Agents
I Call My Woman Hinges - Steve & the Board
Keep Me Satisfied - Russ Kruger
She Does Everything For Me - Robbie Peters
No - Toni McCann
I'm Gonna Try - The Purple Hearts
Naughty Girl - The Showmen 
Watch Out - The Id
All Over You -
Tony Worsley & the Fabulous Blue Jays
See the Way - The Black Diamonds
Got To Him - Ray Brown & the Whispers
The Pogs Theme - The Pogs
I'm Feeling Sad - The Morloch
I Want - Steve & the Board
Peace Of Mind - The Lost Souls
Saturday Date - Toni McCann
I'll Make You Cry Too - The Fabulous Blue Jays
Leave Myself To Me - The Southern Gentlemen
With Me - Normie Rowe & the Playboys
(Ain't It) Strange - Ray Brown & the Whispers
Beat It! - Tony Cole
I Feel Good - Greg Anderson
No More Moanin' - Tony Barber
Not This Time - The Black Diamonds
High Time Baby - Peter Doyle
Why Why Why - The Dave Miller Set


Devil's Children Volume 3
Rum & Beer Records pty. for Moonshine Records QK 1009 (2002)

Devil's Children CD

So Good To Me - The Running Jumping Standing Stll
I Apologise - Little Gulliver & the Children
Got Love If You Want It - Blues Rags 'n' Hollers
Dr. Feelgood - The Blue Beats
Fallin' - Bobby & Laurie
Down The Road Apiece - The Vikings
Bury My Body - The Groop
Hit The Road Jack - The Morloch
Tweedlee Dee - Peter Doyle
Dancing Girl - The Others
Watch Out - Jeff St. John & the Id
I'm Mad - Johnny K. 
Too Much Monkey Business  - The Showmen
Say Hey - Laurie Wade's Cavaliers
Little Egypt - Colin Buckley
Ain't That Lovin' You Baby - The Wild Colonials
Louie Louie - The Purple Hearts
Koko Joe - The Mixtures
Baby Please Don't Go - The Blues Syndicate
Lost My Baby - The Pacifics
Canberra Blues - Bitter Lemons
Jump Back - The Syssys
Cadillac - The Hergs
Miss Hargraves - The Richard Wright Group
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - The Feelgoods
If You Don't Come Back -
Toni McCann & the Blue Jays
I Ain't Got You  - Colin Cook
Who Do You Love -
Ward Austin & Python Lee Jackson

I'm A Man - The Elois
Junior Newsgirl - unknown





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