Including Grandma's Tonic
and the Virgil Brothers














Ugly Things Volume 2
Raven RVLP 13 (1983)

Jump Back - Bobby & Laurie
Ain't Got No Feeling - Derek's Accents
Raining Teardrops - Barrington Davis Powerpact
Dust In My Pants - The Birds
Little Girl - The La De Das
She's Coming Home - The Blue Beats
What Did The Man Say - The Jet Set
There's Time - The Five
Lost Girl - Grandma's Tonic
The Hot Generation - The Sunsets
It's A Hard Life - The Atlantics
Just A Little Bit - The Purple Hearts
I Need You - The Throb
I Can Only Give You Everything - The Clefs
Why Do I Cry - Vyt
To Win Your Love - Laurie Cade's Cavaliers
Talk About Love - Tony Worsley & The Blue Jays
Beat It! - Tony Cole
I've Gone Wild - The Cherokees
Kick Me - Ray Columbus & The Art Collection


Before Birdmen Flew . . . Volume 1
Vinyl Vengeance VV-AUS-1 (2001)

Before Birdmen Flew LP Sleeve
By My Side - Elois
I Want, Need, Love You - Black Diamonds
Rum Drunk - Moods
I'm Gonna Try - Purple Hearts
I Want Love - Sunsets
I Need You - Thane Russel
Pogs Theme - Pogs
Everynight - Morlock
Little Girls - La De Das
Leaving Here - Vacant Lot
Lost Girl - Grandma's Tonic
No Cheating - Donnie Sutherland and the Titans
Watch Your Step - Jackson Kings
Roselyn - Steve & The Board
You're Good For Me - Pink Finks
You're Against - D-Coys



Lost Tonic
Red Rock Music Inc

Lost Tonic CD cover

Lose Your Money - The Mixtures
The End - The Union
We're Gonna Stand Up On The Mountain -
Annette Steele

What Will It Be Like - The Feel Goods
Lost Girl - Grandma's Tonic
I Gotta Go - Johnny Cooper
Watermelon Man - The Jackson Kings
Take It Or Leave It - Swing Shift
Little Man - Pages In Colour
What Makes You Treat Me Like You Do -
Margie Bayes

The Big Top - The Second Movement
I Wanna Know - Marcie Jones
It Was You - Chaos & Co.
Really Gonna Shake - The Fugitives
She Is Mine - The Soundbenders
Johnny The Hummer - Grandma's Tonic
Sunday In The Sunshine - Thee Caper
Hold On I'm Coming - Python Lee Jackson
Downtown Blues - The Wild Colonials
What Is The Reason - The Sharades
Talkin' - Robbie Snowden
Put Yourself In My Place - Strangers
Little Things Like That - Donna Gaye
Will My Dreams Come True - The Brothers Grimm







Raven RVLP 12 (1984)

Kicks - The Librettos
Love Machine - The Pastoral Symphony
Hide & Seek - Somebody's Image
Engagement Party - Nineteen 87
S.O.S. (Stop Her On Sight) - The News
Bad Reputation - The Executives
You're Against - The Decoys
Everlasting Love - The Town Criers
Western Union - The Strangers
Coke Ad - The Strangers
One Day In Every Week - The Procession
Temptation 'Bout To Get Me - The Virgil Brothers
Katy Jane - Ronnie Charles
California My Way - The Iguana
Tweedlee Dee - The Avengers
Bill's Bikey Boys - Wikedy Wak
Sad - The Playboys
As A Boy - The Brigade
Not This Time - The Black Diamonds
Go Hula Hoop - The Familiars


Made In Australia
EMI (1987)

Dream Girl - Bryan Davies
Good Looking Boy - Patsy Ann Noble
Johnny Gunslinger - The Sapphires
Wonder - The Delltones
Surfside - The Denvermen
Proud Of You - Jay Justin
The Swan - Dave Bridge Trio
He's My Blond Headed Stompy Wompy Really Gone Surfer Boy - Little Patsy
How I Lied - Jade Hurley
Don't You Know Yokomo - Dinah Lee
Over The Rainbow - Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs
Woman - The Easybeats
Fortune Teller - The Throb
Fanny Mae - Max Merritt & The Meteors
Bad Boy - The Twilights
Something About You - The Twilights
Hitch-Hiker - Bobby & Laurie
What Am I Doing Here With You? - Bev Harrell
Let The Little Girl Dance - Grantley Dee

The Dancer - The Allusions
Sadie (The Cleaning Lady) - Johnny Farnham
You Made Me What I Am - Cheryl Gray
Temptation 'Bout To Get Me - The Virgil Brothers
Gee I'm Gonna Miss You - Graeme Chapman
Soothe Me - The Groove
Hide & Seek - Somebody's Image
Hayride - The Flying Circus
Arkansas Grass - Axium
Dear Prudence - Doug Parkinson In Focus
The Real Thing (Parts I & II) - Russell Morris
Turn Up Your Radio - The Master's Apprentices
Eleanor Rigby - The Zoot
I'll Be Gone - Spectrum
Lotus 1 (I'll Be Gone) - Lotus
Julia - Ted Mulry
Lazy River - Vanda & Young
Put Your Hand In The Hand - Alison Durbin
Gonna See My Baby Tonight - The La De Das
Esmerelda - The Murtceps
Boogie (Part 1) - Carson



Sixties Down Under Volume 4
Raven RVCD82 (2000)

60s Down Under Volume 4 CD

Don't You Know Yokomo - Dinah Lee
Yield Not Temptation - Merv Benton & The Tamlas
Lonely Boy - M.P.D. Ltd.
Let The Little Girl Dance - Grantley Dee
Over The Rainbow - Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs
What Am I Doing Here With You? - Bev Harrell
Step Back - Johnny Young & Kompany
Come & See Her - The Easybeats
HitchHiker - Bobby & Laurie
Ooh La La - Normie Rowe
My Aim Is To Please You - The Executives
Minnie The Moocher - The Cherokees
Sad Dark Eyes - The Loved Ones
Young Girl - The Twilights
Simon Says - The Groove
California My Way - The Iguana
Temptation 'Bout To Get Me - The Virgil Brothers
Love Machine - Pastoral Symphony
Happy Without You - The Strangers
Age Of Consent - Ronnie Burns
1x2x3x4 - The Zoot
Groupie - New Dream
Hayride - The Flying Circus
The Girl That I Love - Russell Morris
Katy Jane - Ronnie Charles
St. Louis - The Easybeats
Arkansas Grass - Axium
Unforgotten Dreams - King Fox


Fairytales Can Come True
Psychic Circle PCCD7006

(Released June/July 2007)

Fairytales Can Come True - CD cover illustration

Summer Of Last Year - The Pyramid
Bring A Little Lovin' - Los Bravos
You Kissed Him - Fred Lloyd
See The People - Lomax Alliance
Cousin Jane - Barry Benson
Boy Needs A Girl, A - Dreams
Mary Ann She - Grisbydyke
Fairy Tales Can Come True - San Francisco Earthquake
Trees - Gallagher & Lyle
Umbrella Man - Searchers
Penelope Breedlove - Dave Christie
Nine To Five - Promise
Keeping My Head Above Water - Peppermint Circus
Look Away - Virgil Brothers
Upside Down Inside Out - Snappers
Pumpkin Mini - Katch 22
Just Another Wedding Day - Brian Connell & The Roundsound
Saturday Town - The Darlings
Daytime - Hedgehoppers Anonymous
Help Me To Help Myself - Roulettes



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