The Virgil Brothers EP
Odeon Label (Brazil)

Temptation 'Bout To Get Me
Look Away
When You Walk Away
Good Love



Skin Deep LP
RCA  PL 25113 (1977)

Skin Deep LP cover
(Hold mouse over image for rear view)
Skin Deep
Harlem Dream
Sailor Man
Reel Back
The Way It Goes
Heart Filled Up
Rocky Lady
One More River
My Shangri-la

Produced by Alan Tarney and Trevor Spencer
Executive Producer: David Mackay

Engineer: Ashley Howe
Tape Operators:
Trevor Hallesey & John Gallen
Assistant Engineer: Dave Harris
Guitars: Alan Tarney, Peter Doyle
             Jeff Whitehorn
(on Heart Filled Up); Paul Keogh (slide guitar on Shangri-la)
Drums & Percussion: Trevor Spencer; Simon Phillips
(on Heart Filled Up)
Bass: Alan Tarney
Pedal Steel Guitar and Dobro: B.J. Cole
Keyboards: Alan Tarney; Tony Hymas
(on Heart Filled Up)
Trumpet: Mac Tontoh
Backing Vocals: Alan Tarney; Joy Yates, Jean Gilbert & Val Stokes
(on Rocky Lady)

Recorded at Roundhouse Studios, London and Morgan Studios, London



The Video Kids
You're Never Too Young To Dance LP

ECCR VK001 (1981)

Everybody Boogie - Jimmy T and Ricky D
Happy Birthday - Jimmy T
Space Talkin' - Peter Doyle
Let's Have a Party - Bob Saker
Can You Whistle? - Davey Jones
Together - Mark Middler
C'mon and Clap - Jimmy T and Ricky D
You're Never Too Young to Dance - Jimmy T and Ricky D
We're Havin' a Party - Peter Doyle
Fairy Tale Medley - All the Gang

The Video Kids producers, Steve Gilston and Paul Lynton felt that the music industry was ignoring the pre-teens age group and aimed to give them music to dance to via this project.   The album recording started in 1979 and a 45rpm record was launched via sales of the Pedigree Sindy doll - a Partytime edition of the doll being sold complete with a copy of the record to test the market for the concept.   The success of this doll in the UK and northern Europe lead to the release of the debut album You're Never Too Young to Dance in 1981.  Peter sang lead on two of the tracks.  The long list of credits associated with the album included Peter's friend, Ricky Hitchcock, Herbie Flowers and musicians and singers who had also sung and played on Peter's Skin Deep Album





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