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Dedicated to the Memory of Peter John Doyle

July 28th 1949 - 13th October 2001


Child prodigy, teenage 60s star, Virgil Brothers, New Seekers
..... gifted singer, musician and songwriter;
much loved and sadly missed.

The updated version of the standard index page to the website is still under development but this is how it is expected to appear so far:

Images: 14 black and white small head shots depicting Peter aged 12; as a young performer; aged 13; in Canberra, 1965; in the Virgil Brothers; in the Virgil Brothers; in the New Seekers; in the New Seekers; in the New Seekers; after the New Seekers, 1973; in 1980; in 1980; in 1993 and in 1999.


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Welcome to the new text version of the Peter Doyle Website which is being developed alongside an overhaul of the existing website.  For this reason, development of these pages is likely to be slow and some pages may prove particularly difficult to convert.  However, if there are any pages you are especially keen to see presented in a text version, please e-mail at the contact address below and I will see what I can do.  As I produce text versions of various pages I will add them to this list:

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