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July 2009

It is 'that time of the year' again and really hard to believe that Peter should have been celebrating his 60th birthday this year.  I know many of you will be makingl birthday visit to the site and would want to join me in sending thoughts and prayers to Peter's family and friends.

Sad to hear about the death in February of Pat Aulton , who, as Australia's leading producer at the time, produced all of Peter's early recordings on the Sunshine label.

On a happier note, the current line-up of the New Seekers are on tour again, this year celebrating the 40th anniversary of the founding of the original group.  They have just released an CD entitled It's Been Too Long, which includes original recordings of all the group's UK hits as well as a few tracks by the latest line up and another CD comprising two of the groups original albums Together Again and Anthem both of which were released after Peter Doyle left the group.  Meanwhile Lyn Paul has been appearing in her own show in Europe which she has put together to recreate the sound of the New Seekers.

Site News

A fresh look given to the home page and a change of logo introduced on other pages along with minor updates.


June 2009

Site News

Link page updated. Please let me know via the contact link below if you find any broken links on the site, whether to external sites or pages within the website.  I would also welcome feedback on this text version of the website.  At the moment only a handful of pages are available as text only pages, if you would like to see more of the website's content converted to a text only version, please let me know.


February 2009

Marcie Jones has recently published her autobiography, Runs in the Blood, a not-to-be-missed read for anybody interested in this Australian singing legend and the Australian music scene in recent decades.   Marcie's story of her life and times is scattered with memories of good friends, not least of whom is her very special friend, Peter Doyle. As well as various anecdotes about Peter, he can be spotted in a few of the pictures from the 60s as well as a lovely photo taken with Marcie and Rob Mcpherson in the 1990s.  Copies of the book are available direct from Australia at :  For more about Marcie visit her website :

Very sorry to hear about the deaths of Brian Naylor and his wife Moiree in the recent fires in Australia.  Brian was the leader of Swallows Juniors, later called Brian and the Juniors, the troupe which Peter joined after winning their talent show and stayed with for 5 years.  After 11 years with the Juniors Brian moved on to newsreading firstly on Channel 7 and then Channel 9 retiring in 1998 after over 40 years in broadcasting.  He was well-loved and respected by many and will be greatly missed.  Our thoughts are with his family and indeed the many who have suffered because of the recent fires in Australia.

There is currently a clip on YouTube from Australian Television featuring Brian Naylor talking about his television career and if you watch it carefully, amongst the clips of the Juniors, you will catch a quick glimpse of a young Peter Doyle singing a duet, but blink and you will miss it!  YouTube clip


January 2009

Music Pop Hits have recently updated their website and now have a page dedicated to Peter Doyle where you can listen to some of his early solo recordings and also some he made with the Virgil Brothers:
There is also a New Seekers page which includes a small selection of the group's recordings which mostly include Peter and a page for Marty Kristian.


November 2008

Later than originally announced for the UK, The New Seekers - 2 LP's on 1 CD was finally released on the 11th November.  It includes two of Peter's own compositions:Cincinnati and I Can Say You're Beautiful and is sees the first release to CD for A Perfect Love.

Site News

The New Seekers - 2 LP's on 1 CD added to the discography.


September 2008

At last , another original CD release from Peter's years with the New Seekers.  The new CD entitled Beautiful People Circles is made up of the US/Canadian editions of these two albums which differ from the albums of the same names released in the rest of the world.  The track listings can be found at the following links: Beautiful People and Circles.   The release date coincides with the 7th anniversary of Peter's passing on 13th October.  It's hard to believe that so much time has passed already, but he is always in our thoughts.

Site News

Another adjustment to the appearance of the main pages, but for now, the main updating work is going on behind the scenes and given present circumstances is likely to take several months to complete.  In the meantime I will continue to update the existing pages with any news as it becomes available.


July 2008

The Four Times Over website is now up and running, you can find it at  It includes clips from the CD, background and information about the singers who have put together this wonderful tribute album and of course, details on how to obtain your copy.   Cat and Jess have reproduced the New Seekers harmonies and remained true to their interpretaion of all songs even to Peter's vocals and guitar playing.   With a guest appearance by Lyn Paul on the album this is a must for any Peter Doyle and New Seeker fan, but is only available in a limited edition, so make sure you order your copy soon!  All proceeds are going to the Peter Doyle Fund and Jane Doyle will make the final decision on which charity is to benefit.

Something special to mark Peter's birthday this year with the release of a new CD A Tribute From the Heart from Dutch duo Four Times Over who have been busy recording their own tribute version of songs written or sung by Peter.  The CD contains 26 tracks mostly from the peak of Peter's time with the New Seekers but including 2 songs which appeared on the Skin Deep album.  The CD has been launched today (28th July) and should have been accompanied by the launch of a website.  Sadly, 'Murphy's Law' is operating and the website has been delayed by a problem on the hosting server.  The CD is now available at 15 euros plus post and packing. It is available from and I will post more information about the CD and websiteon this site as soon as it is available.

Site News

Murphy's Law has not only affected the Four Times Over website, this website has also had server problems of its own and anybody looking for the site about a week ago will have been greeted by a message saying the site had expired.  This status remained for about 5 or 6 days during which time most of the search engines updated and are currently carrying the same message. Hopefully this will only last for a short space of time, but there really is no problem with the website and given that you are now reading this proves you have navigated to the site and can see for yourself that all is well!


May 2008

Site News
We now have YouTube video clips on the site, both from Peter's days with the Virgil Brothers and New Seekers, links to their locations and other clips on external sites can be found on the links page which has been completely overhauled and updated and is available both as a text only page and as the standard version.

Other Sites
Neil Gray currently has another recording of Peter from the 1980s with their group Skinflick on his MySpace page.

Other News
It's always good to hear that Peter's music is still attracting new fans and one of the more recent is Lyn Paul's son Ryan who has been listening to the New Seekers' albums. 
Lyn says: 'Ryan is in awe of Peter's voice and he absolutely loves Goin' Back and most of the tracks that Pete recorded are on his ipod including I Can Say You're Beautiful and Move me Lord. This is a new generation that is appreciating Peters work.'  
Ryan isn't the only one of a younger generation who has discovered Peter's music and it is great to know that his timeless sound has a continuing audience  Of course it isn't only younger people who have only recently begun to appreciate Peter's talent.  If you consider yourself a 'recent convert' or know anybody who is, please get in touch and let me know how you first started listening to Peter's music.


December 2007

Site News
The Website is currently being redeveloped to update and improve the behind the scenes technicalities and bring a fresh look to the site.  To make it more user friendly for people with specialist browsers and speech readers a text version is being developed alongside the renewed standard pages.

It will take a considerable time to update the whole site and in the meantime I will do my best to keep the site in order.   My apologies in advance for any inconvenience if any parts of the website do become inaccessible or difficult to navigate.   Please let me know if you find any broken links or experience other problems and your comments on the changes are welcome as always.

So far the About the Site, Intro Pages, Biography and basic Discography and Gallery pages have been updated with text versions added.  There is also a Home Page, Site Guide and News Page for the new Text Website.  The only news currently available on the text version will be whatever happens now or in the future, once the news archives pages are updated, earlier material will be made available.

..... to Chris, Peter's younger nephew and Ali on the birth of their son, Alexander Munro last month. The third grandson for Peter's sister, Kerryl and third great grandson for his Mum, Jean.  I'm sure a happy Christmas is in store for them all!

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