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Peter Doyle


Biographies and Discographies

Lyn Paul Website
Steve Liddle's extensive and comprehensive tribute to Lyn Paul and the New Seekers was the first site to provide a thoroughly researched and accurate history of the the New Seekers and is regularly updated.  It includes several pages devoted to Peter: biography, discography, in memorian and more.

Describes itself as 'The #1 website for Australasian music and popular culture 1964 -1975'.  Coverage for Peter Doyle includes a biography credited to an early version on the Lyn Paul website and there is a seperate obituary in the I'll Be Gone section.

The New Seekers
The group's official website covers every aspect and every member, past and present of the New Seekers.  Nic Culverwell shares his extensive collection of pictures and other memorabilia, his personally collated info and the results of his on-going research and interviews.  There is a multi-page biography and discography of Peter on the site.

Biography and Discography


Newsletter at the Australian music retailers site.

The Daily Telegraph  |  The Independent
UK national newspapers

Web Whispers
Internet Laryngectomee Support Journal


Other Mentions, Articles, Pictures and Music

Dave Miller
Interview Nov. 1999 with Steve Kernohan on the For What It's Worth radio show.

Go!! Show
Bonnie's Laurie Allen Tribute has a page dedicated to the Australian 60's pop TV show.

Hipsters Website
Though formed in 1985, the Hipsters have danced alongside many of the 60s stars and this is reflected on their site.

John Farrar
Alistair Hardwick's detailed John Farrar biography on the Shadow's website

Peter's credit on the Internet Movie Database is in recognition of the New Seekers performance in Eurovision coverage.

Music Pop Hits
A chance to listen to a wide collection of music including three of Peter's very early hits and one from the Virgil Brothers.   Follow the links through to Australsian 50s-60s.

Neil Gray's MySpace
'Self Confessed Music freak Who Writes, Records, Produces, Plays and Listens'; Neil was a friend and colleague of Peter's.  He sometimes includes tracks recorded by Peter Doyle on his MySpacefront page as well as including him in his blog.

Offbeat Music
Aussie on-line specialists in everything to do with Roots, Rock & Retro Music, includes a tribute to Peter Doyle in the Scrapbook.

Purple Hearts
Interview with Mick Hadley on the Melbourne 60s site.

Rock On Duo
The website for Australia's Rock On Duo - John Cartwright and Huey Fry. Gig guide and information about the duo including memories and pictures from Australian pop history.



Gull Buy  |  Ritchie Unterberger
Hot Generation CD Reviews

Pop Archives
Lyn Nuttall's site dedicated to uncovering the covers which became Australian hits in the 50's, 60's and 70's so far includes meniton of 2 of Peter's 60s songs and one of the Virgil Brothers , but is growing all the time.

Rate Your Music
An interactive site to list and grade artists' discographies. Most of Peter's early releases and his Skin Deep album have so far been listed.

Ugly Things
'The ultimate rock'n'roll read, bringing you wild sounds from past dimensions, from times when rock'n'roll was young, daring, dangerous and vital.'  The Searching for Shakes database gives a discography for some of Peter's Festival recordings.



Yahoo Peter Doyle Webgroup
A place for fans to meet and chat about Peter - have you dropped in yet?


Virgil Brothers

Danny Robinson
A magazine interview from 1980 now in the South West Music Archive.


New Seekers

The New Seekers - official website

New Seekers MySpace - official MySpace for the current line-up

Lyn Paul Website - New Seekers pages

Loadofold - Celebrating British pop in the early and mid 1970s

Ritchie Unterberg - We'd Like to Teach the World to Sing CD notes

Yahoo New Seeker Chat Group

Fan tributes - Derek's New Seeker Site  |  Foggy Head  |  Geffer's New Seekers Page  |  New Seekers Scrapbook  |

Multi - artists sites - AMG  |   Artists Direct  |   Nostalgia Central  |



New Seekers (as individual performers or with other groups)

Brian Engel: Mandrake Paddle Steamer

Danny Finn: Wishful Thinking

Mick Flinn: Mixtures

Eve Graham

Nicola Kerr: Sleepy Time Lullabies

Cathy Logan

Lyn Paul

Keith Potger: Seekers

Catriona Walsh: Irish Film Orchestras


The 'Coke' Song

Hilltop Ad   |   Song Facts


The Eurovision Song Contest

Official Eurovision Site   |   BBC Eurovision   |   ESC Statistics    ESC Start 4 All   |   Nul Points

More Artists

Laurie Allen   |  Johnny Cooper   |  Marcie Jones   |   Rod Stone

See also : Sounds Like .....   |   Website Who's Who

50s, 60s and 70s

GlamRock   |   Glitter Suits and Platform Boots   |   History of Rock   |   Milesago   |   Oldies Music   |   Super 70s Rock Site   |

Vic Rock 50s & 60s   |   Yahoo Australian 60s


Music Info

  Musicians Olympus   |   Nostalgia Central   |   Roxtar Oldies   |   Searching for Shakes   |   UK Charts



Covers Project   |   The Originals By Arnold Rypens   |   The Originals Project   |   Second Hand Songs   |   Song Facts   |

Where Did They Get That Song?



Both Sides Now   |   Follow the Music   |   One Hit Wonder Central



The Alfred Hospital   |   |   Lockett's Site Counters   |   Race for Life



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