Many of the songs recorded by Peter Doyle, both as a solo artist and with his various groups have been performed by various artists.  Sometimes the same title is used for totally different songs.  Below are some of the different versions of 'Peter's Songs' with links to clips, lyrics and information on other artists who have recorded them.

Research is in progress - any additions or corrections are welcome.

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Song Titles link to Song Info.
Other Links to pages providing song clips and lyrics.

In most cases the earliest version traced has been listed, this is not necessarily the same version as the sound clip.

Links to Artist Information

Ain't Love Easy
New Seekers first release 1971

C'Mon Get Happy includes a verse not recorded by the New Seekers.
Carol Hall - 1970-1 If I Be A Lady LP and then included in her stage musical To Whom it May Concern in 2003.
Released as a single by
Shirley Jones - 1972 single whilst with the Partridge Family
Also recorded by
Tom Brown - 1989 What a Wonderful World cd
Barbara Cook -1977 As of Today LP


All Right My Love
New Seekers first release 19th March, 1970


Angel Of the Morning
New Seekers first release 1970
LP Discography Covers & Lyrics
Chip Taylor - 1971 Gasoline album
Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez - 2004 Angel of the Morning EP
Released as a single by

P. P. Arnold - 1968
Billie Davis - 1967
Connie Eaton - 1970
Guys 'n' Dolls - 1977
Joya Landis - 1968
Melba Montgomery - 1977
Juice Newton - 1981

The Pretenders - 1994/5 CD Issued to promote the Friends Sound Track album
(Click on' 977' for correct soundbite)
Merrilee Rush and The Turnabouts -1968
Evie Sands - 1967.  Her record company went bankrupt a week after the release of this much requested single and with a lack of copies available it left the way clear for Merrilee Rush to have the first major US hit with the song.
Bettye Swann - 1969
Also recorded by
Elisabeth Andreassen - 1968 Angel of the Morning album 
Ace Cannon - 1994 Music For Lovers album
Ray Conniff - 1968 Turn Around Look at Me album
Skeeter Davis - 1969 The Closest Thing To Love album
Percy Faith - 1968 Angel of the Morning album
Dan Gibson - 2002 Morning has Broken CD
Barbara Jones - 2004 Just When I Needed You Most CD
Pat Kelly - 1978 - Give Love a Try album
Zoe McCulloch - 2002 - Never Give Up, Never Give In album

Olivia Newton-John - 1972 Olivia album
Northstar Orchestra - 2000 - Feelings of Love CD
Maggie Reilly - 2003 Save it for a Rainy Day album
Nina Simone - 1971 Here Comes the Sun album
The Tremeloes - 1969 Live in Cabaret album
Bonnie Tyler - 1998 All in One Voice album
Italian Version
Gli occhi verdi dell'amore by I Profeti - 1968
Angel of the Morning/Anyway That you Want Me - 1977 single for Mary Mason

And More
Angel - 2000 single for Shaggy drew heavily on Angel of the Morning for its origins.


Shaggy - Wikipedia

Anything You Might Say
Bruce Woodley - single B side and 1972 Just Good Friends album



Bad to Me
1986 live recording - temporarily available at Neil Gray's MySpace - more info on his blog.


New Seekers first release 1972
Carole King - 1971 Tapestry album
Also recorded by

Bob Belden - 1997 Tapestry album
Petula Clark - 1971 Warm and Tender album
Barbra Streisand - 1971 Barbara Joan Streisand album
Richard Marx - October 31, 1995 Tapestry Revisted album (Various Artists)

Not to be confused with
Beautiful Written by Nicola Hitchcock and Saul Freeman and released by them as the duo Mandalay as a single and on the Empathy album in 1998.  Lyrics
The same song was released by Sarah Brightman on the Harem album in 2003.
*Website includes video clip of song

Beautiful written by Linda Perry which produced a massive international hit for Christina Aguilera in 2002/3
 Lyrics at The Christina Connection
Wikipedia article


Beautiful People
New Seekers first release 1970
A Guide to the Recordings of Melanie
Melanie - 1969 single, Affectionately Melanie album.
Also recorded by:

Eve Graham - 2005 The Mountains Welcome Me Home CD

Not to be confused with
Beautiful People written and released as a single by Kenny O'Dell. Lyrics at LP Discography.
Also released as a single in 1967 by Bobby Vee
and on the 1972 Bill and Jan (Or Jan and Bill) album by Bill Anderson and Jan Howard.

Beautiful People Barbara Tucker's 1994 US single
Lyrics at


Beg, Steal or Borrow
New Seekers first release 1972
Also recorded by:

Eve Graham - 2005 The Mountains Welcome Me Home CD
Not to be confused with:
Beg Steal or Borrow written by J. Crawford and released on Berlin's Love Life album in 1984

Beg Steal or Borrow
recent single written by Paul Doherty and recorded by Baby Shambles


Blackberry Way
New Seekers first release 1973
Hit single for
The Move - 1968 UK No. 1
Also recorded by


Blowin' In the Wind

Bob Dylan - 1963 Free Wheelin' album
Also recorded by
Chet Atkins - 1965 More of that Guitar Country
Joan Baez 1967 - Live in Japan & Live in Italy albums
The Browns - June 1964 The Young Land album
Cher - 1965 All I Really Want to Do album
Judy Collins - 1994 Live at Newport  (1959 - 1966) album
Sam Cooke - 1964 Live at the Copa album.  Blowin' in the Wind inspired Cooke to write his own much-acclaimed protest song A Change is Gonna Come which was released as a single shortly after his death in 1965.
Jackie DeShannon - 1963 Jackie DeShannon album
Marlene Dietrich - 1965 UK single
Lou Donaldson - 1966 Blowin' In The Wind album

Marianne Faithfull - 1964 single
Julie Felix - 1982 Blowing in the Wind LP

Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs - 1968 Changin' Times album

The Edwin Hawkins Singers - 1969 Peace is Blowin' in the Wind LP
The Hollies - 1969 The Hollies sing Dylan album

The Kingston Trio - 1963 Sunny Side album
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - 2000 Blow in the Wind album
Johnny Nash - 1969 Soul Folk Album
New World Singers -1962 Original release Broadside Vol. 1 album (Various Artists)
Odetta - 1965 Odetta Sings Dylan album
Dolly Parton - 2005 Those Were the Days CD
Peter, Paul and Mary - 1963 In the Wind album

Elvis Presley - 1997 Platinum: A Life in Music CD
The Seekers - 1964 Hide and Seekers album
Stevie Wonder - 1966 single
Neil Young and Crazy Horse - 1991 Weld live album

See Also BBC Sold On Song
German Version
Die Antwort Weiss Ganz Allein Der Wind - Marlene Dietrich 1969 The Magic of Marlene album


Boom Town
New Seekers  first release 1971


Not to be confused with
Boomtown - written by Toby Keith and released on his 1994 Boomtown CD
lyrics at the Toby Keith Music Network


Brand New Song
New Seekers  first release 1973
Paul Williams - 1979 A Little on the Windy Side album

Also recorded by
Cliff Richard - 1972 single, Cliff's first not produced by Norrie Paramour and also the first which failed to reach the top 30.


Captain Stormy
New Seekers  first release1972



Changes IV
New Seekers  first release 1972
Santana's Website (Zebop album)

Cat Stevens - 1971 Teaser & the Firecat album
Released as a single by
Martyn Kaye - 1972

Santana - 1981


Child of Mine
New Seekers first release 1970
Carole King - 1970 Writer album
Released as a single by
Cilla Black - 1970

Also recorded by

Emmy Lou Harris
- 1995 'Til There Eyes Shine album (Various Artists)
Sherry Goffin Kondor - 2002 Mellow My Baby album
Anne Murray - 1971 Straight, Clean and Simple album
Turley Richards - 1971 Expressions Album
Billie Joe Royal - 2002 The Very Best of Billie Joe Royal album
Ronnie Stoots - 1972 Ashes to Ashes album

Not to be confused with
Sweet Child of Mine - By Guns 'n' Roses first released on their debut album Appetite for Destruction in 1987 and then as a hit single in 1988


China Doll
Peter Doyle recorded mid 70's first release 2004
Released as a single by
Karl Denver - 1961
Slim Whitman - 1955

Not to be confused with
China Doll written by Robert Hunter & Jerry Garcia and released on the 1974 Grateful Dead from the Mars Hotel album Lyrics
China Doll written and performed by Bruce Hornsby on the 1993 Harbour Lights album.
China Doll written and performed by Saiichi Sugiyama on his 1994 album Saiichi Sugiyama. Lyrics
China Doll
written and perfomed by Burt Weedon on his 1961 single
Punk China Doll written by John Zorn and released on the first Naked City album in 1989


Not to be confused with
Cincinnati - Jeff Guhde Lyrics
Cincinnati Kid
- Ray Charles recorded the theme to the film of the same name in 1965
Cincinnati the Dancing Pig - Written by Al Lewis and Guy Wood a 1950 hit single for Vic Damone
The Girl From Cincinnati - Written by Millis, Ducey and Lascelles and appeared in 1971 on the Very Best of Bobbie Gentry album Lyrics
South of Cincinnati - Written and recorded by Dwight Yoakam for the 1988 film Fresh Horses
Susie Cincinnati - 1970 B side for the Beach Boys written by Al Jardine
New Seekers first release 1972
Harry Chapin Website
Harry Chapin - 1990 Greatest Stories Live album
Released as a single by
Mary Travers - 1974
Also recorded by
Tom Chapin - 1982 In the City of Mercy album
Eve Graham - 2005 The Mountains Welcome Me Home CD

Not to be confused with
Circles written by Mariah Carey and released on her 2005 The Emancipation of Mimi album. Lyrics
Circles a 1995 single by the Rainbow Butt Monkeys
Circles written by Pete Townshend released as a single by The Who in 1966


Come Softly To Me
New Seekers first release 1973
The Fleetwoods - 1959 Hit Single
Released as a single by

Frankie Vaughan and the Kaye Sisters - 1959
Also recorded by
Chet Atkins -1960 Teensville album
Buck Dharma - 1982 Flat Out album
Sandy Posey - 1967 I Take It Back album


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