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Richard Adler at the Songwriters Hall of Fame - cowriter (with Robert Allen): Everybody Loves a Lover

Robert Allen at Wikipedia - cowriter (with Richard Adler): Everybody Loves a Lover

Rod Argent - songwriter Is This The Dream?

Johnny Arthey - musical arranger for the Virgil Brothers and New Seekers

Ken Ashby - cowriter (with Paul Colwell & Frank Fields) : The Further We Reach Out

Hugues Aufray - (biography in English) cowriter (with Michel Fugain, Vline Buggy & Best): Jean's Little Street Cafe

Pat Aulton at - producer Peter's 60s records on the Sunshine Label

Bill Backer - cowriter (with Roger Cook, Roger Greenaway and Billy Davis): I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing and It Ought To Sell A Million

Ernest Ball - songwriters hall of fame - cowriter (with Graff & Chauncey Olcott) - Irish Eyes

Jeff Barry - at the History of Rock - cowriter of Brand New Song with Paul Williams

The Beatles - the Merseyside Mop-Tops prepared the ground for the 1960's British Musical Invasion of the World and The Beatles legend is set to live on indefinitely.  The New Seekers combined one of their hits, with another successful song, by their predecessors, The Seekers, to produce one of their best medlies, Georgy Girl/Ticket to Ride.  They also recorded two different versions of Here, There and Everywhere.
  The Bee Gees at Brothers Gibb - British born Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb found early fame in the 60s after emigrating to Australia.  The family returned to the UK and their success went from strength to strength.  The brothers have a very long and varied career history, both as a group and as individual artists. Sadly Maurice died following an illness in 2003 but Barry and Robin both continue to work in the music business.

Other Sites For More Artists' Information

Nostalgia Central

Bendall - cowriter (with Mike Sammes): Out On the Edge of Beyond

Best - cowriter (or translator? with Michel  Fugain, Hugues Aufray & Vline Buggy: Jean's Little Street Cafe

Bonnie Bramlett - cowriter (with Delaney Bramlett): Get Ourselves Together, Someday and Never Ending Song of Love

Delaney Bramlett - cowriter (with Bonny Bramlett): Get Ourselves Together, Someday and Never Ending Song of Love

Terry Britten The Twilights on the Milesago Website - songwriter: Too Many Trips to Nowhere

Vline Buggy - cowriter (with Michel Fugain, Hugues Aufray & Best): Jean's Little Street Cafe. Amongst Buggy's other credits are the lyrics to the 1974 Eurovison winner Tu Te Reconnaitras.

Solomon Burke - songwriter: Stupidity

Cannan & Cannan - songwriters: China Doll

Greg Carroll - cowriter (with Doris Payne[Troy]): Watcha Gonna Do About It

John Cartwright - songwriter: My FriendFormer member of the Imposters, the Sapphires, the Ambassadors and Old Gold. As a member of Normie Rowe and the Playboys, John was signed to the same record label as Peter in the sixties. They often appeared on the same bill and toured together.  Following Peter's return to Australia in the eighties they teamed up to form a duo, the Phantoms, named after the band who had backed Peter on his sixties recordings, but later changing their name to the Leo Brothers. They also worked together in a number of other groups such as Trilogy as well as collaborating on new songs. A close friends as well as a colleague, John was one of the key players in the production of Peter's Rarities CD and the special launch night and in spite of being very busy with the RockOn Duo alongside Huey Fry, he continues to promote Peter's work and is a continuing good friend and supporter of this website.

W. Cates - cowriter (with P. Colwell): Everything Changing

Harry Chapin (7.12.42 - 16.7.81) was a talented singer/songwriter/guitarist and film maker from New York.  One of his many songs Circle, was picked up and re-recorded by the New Seekers under the title Circles  Harry was a tireless campaigner for the hungry and the homeless. Tragically, Harry died in a car crash in 1981.  His music is still remembered and his work goes on

Gretchen Christopher - Cowriter with Barbara Ellis & Gary Troxel (The Fleetwoods): Come Softly To Me

Rudy Clark - A former mailman who wrote a number of songs which were to become hits for an assortment of artists in the early to mid 60s.  His: Do it Zula Style was one of Peter Doyle's early songs.  Rudy's other songs included , Good Lovin' (with Arthur Renwick),and Comin' Down (with Bobby Darin).  When George Harrison played a pre-Beatles tour visit to the States to visit his sister, he came across two of Rudy's songs: If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody which became a hit for fellow Merseyside group Freddie and the Dreamers and I've Got My Mind Set on You which he eventually turned into a solo hit in the 1980s. Another Rudy Clark song which stood the test of time is The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss) which following its 60s success has also been a more recent hit for Cher.

B.J. Cole at the Musician's Olympus - musician: Skin Deep LP

Tony Cole - cowriter (with Graeme Hall & Steve Wolfe): Beg, Steal or Borrow

Roger Cook - also Cook & Greenaway at the Fortunes Website. Cowriter (with Bill Backer, Billy Davis & Roger Greenaway): I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing, It Ought to Sell a Million, (with Roger Greenaway) The World I Wish For You and (with Roger Greenaway & Rae) Somebody, Somewhere

Paul Colwell - cowriter (with W. Cates): Everything Changing - cowriter (with Ken Ashby & Frank Fields): The Further We Reach Out

Darryl Cotton
Zoot at
Darryl Cotton 4.9.49 - 27.7.12 - cowriter (with Steve Kipner & Michael Lloyd): Song For You and Me.  Starting out with Australian band Zoot and remaining with them until their break-up in 1971. he and Beeb Birtles next formed the duo Frieze but in 1972 Darryl Cotton travelled to the UK , working with Mixture and New Seeker-to-be Mick Flynn before accepting an offer to join Friends in the US with Michael Lloyd and Steve Kipner. Now based back in Australia Darryl Cotton continued to perform with various line-ups including currently Master's Apprentice lead singer Jim Keays and singer/songwriter Russel Morris in the aptly naming themselves Cotton, Keays and Morris.

Phil Coulter - cowriter (with Bill Martin): Hi, Hi Hazel.

Memphis Curtis - cowriter (with Ahmet Ertegun): Lovey Dovey

Jim Dale and at What a Carry On - cowriter (with Tom Springfield): Georgy Girl

Roquel "Billy" Davis (11.7.32 - 2.9.04) - Spectropop Tribute
Cowriter (with Bill Backer, Roger Cook & Roger Greenaway):- I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing and It Ought to Sell a Million.  Billy Davis started writing songs in the 1950s and was soon scoring hit records.  He managed his cousin's group the Four Aims who later changed their name to Four Tops, a group whose songs included severalcovered by Peter Doyle with both the Virgil Brothers and New Seekers.  Adding another string to the bow of his successful songwriting and producing career, Davis joined the company responsible for Coca Cola's advertising campaigns and so became involved in the New Seekers biggest ever hit and the world's most successful advert.

Spencer Davis - cowriter (with Steve & Muff Winwood): High Time Baby.

Doris Day - A star of the the stage big and small screen, radio and recordings, Miss Day, singer and actress, is a legend in her own life time.  Her 1958 hit, Everybody Loves a Lover, was a B side for Peter Doyle in 1966.   Doris celebrated her 80th birthday on 3rd April, 2004, she made her last film in 1968 and has devoted her time in recent years to supporting animal issues and her popularity has never waned.
John Denver (31.12.43 - 12.10.97) - another prolific singer/songwriter of recent history to be taken from us tragically, early, in the case of John Denver,when the plane he was piloting crashed.  John penned a good many hits, some of which, such as Annie's Song, Leaving On a Jet Plane and Take Me Home, Country Roads have also been big hits for other artists.

De Scalzi - New Trolls at the Italian Prog Website - cowriter (with Di Palo & Hank Marvin) - When You Walk Away

Neil Diamond The Original Home Page - songwriter: Song Sung Blue

Jimmy Diggs The Knight Brothers at SoulWalking - songwriter: Temptation 'Bout to Get Me

Di Palo - New Trolls at the Italian Prog Website - cowriter (with De Scalzi & Hank Marvin): When You Walk Away

 R. Davies - songwriter: Why Can't We All Get Together?

Fats Domino - cowriter (with Chris Kenner): Something You Got Baby

Lamont Dozier (Holland, Dozier Holland) at the History of Rock Website - cowriter: Reach Out (I'll be There), Shake Me, Wake Me and Something About You

James Duncan - songwriter: Mr Goodtime

R. Dunlop - songwriter: Sing Out

Bob Dylan - legendary singer/songwriter wrote and recorded the much covered
Blowin' in the Wind





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