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Melanie Safka's  - half-hearted attempts to follow an acting career one day led her into the office of a music publisher whilst she was trying to find an address to attend an acting audition.  Instead, she found herself invited to give a singing audition which led to the start of her musical career and an introduction to Peter Schekeryk, the man who was to become both a key player in her musical future and her husband.  Early successes for Melanie both as a writer and performer included Ruby Tuesday, Brand New Key and three songs also recorded by the New Seekers Beautiful People, What Have They Done to My Song Ma and Nickel Song

Mike Sammes at the Space Age Pop Website - cowriter (with Bendall): Out On the Edge of Beyond

J. Schwartz - cowriter (with P. Yellowstone): Feeling

Stephen Schwartz also at Music Schwartz - songwriter: Day By Day

Joe E. Scott - songwriter: Like I Love You

Winfield Scott at Elvis Australia - songwriter: Tweedlee Dee

Eddie Seago at Glitter Boots and Platform Boots - cowriter (with Mike Leander): One By One

Sebo - cowriter (with Walters): Good Love

Neil Sedaka - songwriter: Plastic Dreams & Toy Balloons

The Seekers - were a highly successful folksy Australian group who saw international success.  After the group split, original member Keith Potger got together with David Joseph and formed the New Seekers, the rest, as they say is history!  The New Seekers incorporated very few of the Seekers songs in their repertoire and even when they did, Blowin' in the Wind was given a very different treatment and Georgy Girl was combined with the Beatles' Ticket to Ride.

Shekter - songwriter: When I Was Small

Bill Shepherd - Musical Arranger on early New Seeker recordings

The Shirelles had a hit with Everybody Loves a Lover four years after Doris Day's hit and four years before Peter recorded it.  A four-girl group, the Shirelles began their singing career in 1958 and though no longer together, some of them are still singing under that name.

Paul Simon - songwriter: Mrs Robinson

Trevor Spencer at Wikipedia (see also Alan Tarney)
Sessions musician for the New Seekers, coproducer and performer on Peter Doyle's RCA recordings and cowrote: For You We Sing, Harlem Dream and My Shangri-la.

Tom Springfield at Mike Pratt's Webpage - cowriter (with Jim Dale) - Georgy Girl

Standing Room Only - an Australian group Peter worked with briefly in 1981

Cat Stevens - songwriter: Changes IV and arranger of Morning Has Broken

John Stewart at Bite My Foot and Clacks Cellar - songwriter: Friend of Jesus

Val Stokes - vocalist: Skin Deep LP

Gary Sulsh - cowriter (with Stuart Leathwood: Good Old Fashioned Music

Alan Tarney's long and distinguished career started in local bands in Adelaide, eventually joining James Taylor Move whose line-up also included Trevor Spencer and Kevin Peek.  Later, the three worked together again as the Kevin Peek Trio, moving to the UK where Terry Britten joined their line-up and they changed their name to Quartet.  Quartet were employed as sessions artists for a whole catalogue of artists including the New Seekers, Cliff Richard and Olivia Newton John as well as backing various acts on stage. Alan also spent a few years with the Shadows in the mid 70's.  Often, but not exclusively, working in partnership with old mate Trevor Spencer, with whom he made 3 albums in the late 70s.  Alan's credits also include writer and producer and in this capacity as well as that of musicians, Alan Tarney and Trevor Spencer co-produced Peter Doyle's RCA recordings as well as providing songs for and performing on them.  They were cowriters on For You We Sing, Harlem Dream and My Shangri-la and additionally Alan Tarney wrote We Believe in Lovin' (also known as Take the Right Train).
Chip Taylor - Angel of the Morning is only one of a number of classics credited to Chip Taylor. Others include Wild Thing and Anyway That You Want Me both hits in the UK for The Troggs and The Hollies hit I Can't Let Go.  The younger brother of John Voight, Chip (born James Wesley Voight) followed his father footsteps into the world of professional golf until an injury sparked a career change into the music business.  Chip was both songwriter and performer but turned his back on music in the 80's to become a professional gambler.  He returned to the world of music in 1993 as part of a songwriter's tour and found the inspiration to resume writing, performing and recording. He is currently recording and touring with Carrie Rodriguez a young lady whose talent compliments Chip's perfectly.
James Taylor's self-titled first album was also the first one released on the Beatles' Apple label in 1969 but it was his second album Sweet Baby James realeased in the following year on Warner which gave him a real claim to fame when it became a multi-platinum best seller.  His single releases include his hit version of the Carole King song You've Got a Friend. In 1972 he married Carly Simon and they released a few albums together, but they divorced in the early 80s with Taylor's increasingly punishing touring schedule and drug habit taking the blame.  His recording career also suffered in the 80s but James Taylor continued to tour extensively and his recording career picked up again. He continues to record and perform live and is now considered to be an elder stateman among the classic singer songwriters.

Other Sites For More Artists' Information

Nostalgia Central

Marlo Thomas at Wikipedia - creator: Free to Be You and Me

Richard Thompson - Songwriter: No Man's Land

Mac Tontoh at Modern Ghana and at Musician's Olympus - musician: Skin Deep LP

Peter Townsend - songwriter: Pinball Wizard/See Me Feel Me

Trilogy - in the same period Peter and John Cartwright were performing as a duo, they also worked with drummer-vocalist Billy Pearce under the name Trilogy.

Gary Troxel - cowriter with Gretchen Christopher & Barbara Ellis (The Fleetwoods): Come Softly To Me

Doris Troy (Doris Payne) Soulful Kinda Music and Spectropop Tribute - cowriter (with Greg Carroll): Watcha Gonna Do About It.

Conway Twitty at the Country Music Hall of Fame - songwriter: Speechless (The Pickup).

The Undertakers at 45rpm and The British Beat Boom
One of the Merseyside groups to emerge in the early 60s and, who, like the Beatles honed their skills in Germany at Hamburg's Star Club, the Undertakers performed together professionally from 1962 to 1964.  The group were originally called Bob's Vegas Five, but following an error advertising a gig in a local paper they were billed as the Undertakers and decided to adopt the name for the night.  They went out on stage in black tee shirts and started their show with a few bars of the Death March.  It went down a storm with the audience and so they adopted the name and image permanently.  Their live performances far outshine their recording career and following a move to America, the group split up. Their recordings included Everybody Loves a Lover and Stupidity, both songs were also recorded by Peter Doyle.

Harry Vanda - cowriter (with George Young): Friday on my Mind

The Virgil Brothers

Walters - cowriter (with Sebo): Good Love

Cynthia Weil at mann/ - cowriter (with Barry Mann): Holy Rolling

Weiss - cowriter (with Wilkins): Here I Am

Geoff Whitehorn at Procul Harum - musician: Skin Deep LP

Slim Whitman's professional singing career started half a century ago whilst he was still a mail man, though he had sung for the church choir as a boy and whilst serving in the US navy during the Second World War.  Known as much for his yodelling as singing, Slim's career quickly went from strength to strength, he quickly became an international star, particularly in the UK and Australia and though passed his 80th birthday he still performs for the public.  Slim's first recording contract was with RCA-Victor and it was one of his records, China Doll which was to give Peter Doyle the demo which secured his contract with RCA.  In 1956 Slim Whitman became the first country artist to top the bill at the London Palladium, a venue where the New Seekers also topped the bill around 15 years later.
  Wilkins - cowriter (with Weiss): Here I Am.
Paul Williams - at the Songwriters' Hall Of Fame
Songwriter: Just An Old Fashioned Love Song and Perfect Love and co-writer of Brand New Song with Jeff Barry.

Muff Winwood - cowriter (with Spencer Davies & Steve Winwood): High Time Baby

Steve Winwood - cowriter (with Spencer Davies & Muff Winwood): High Time Baby

Steve Wolfe - cowriter (with Tony Cole & Graeme Hall): Beg, Steal or Borrow

Roy Wood at Wikipedia - Co-founder and founder of The Move, ELO, Wizzard and so much more, multi-talented musician, singer and songwriter, Roy Wood's compositions include Blackberry Way, Songs of Praise and Tonight

Bruce Woodley - former member of the Seekers.  Songwriter of Eighteen Carat Friend and co-writer of Anything You Might Say with Hans Poulsen

Joy Yates - vocalist: Skin Deep LP.

P. Yellowstone - cowriter (with J Schwartz): Feeling

Young - cowriter (with Rob Lovett): I See Her Face

George Young at the Milarus Mansion   Cowriter: Friday On My Mind

Neil Young  Songwriter: Dance, Dance, Dance




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