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Keith Potger and the New Seekers
Philips 6308 030
Released November,1970

What Have They Done To My Song, Ma?
Follow The Wind
Here, There And Everywhere
Shine, People, Shine
All Right My Love
It's A Beautiful Day
Gentle On My Mind
Anything You Might Say
Evenings Make Me Blue
Mrs. Robinson
I'm a Train
Keith Potger & the New Seekers LP front cover

This was the second album released by the New Seekers but the first one released after Peter joined the group.  The line-up at this time consisted of: Peter Doyle, Eve Graham, Marty Kristian, Paul Layton, Lyn Paul and Keith Potger.

Roundelay produced by Keith Potger; Here There and Everywhere produced by Peter Roberts and orchestral arrangement by Johnny Arthey; all other tracks produced by David Mackay and orchestral arrangements by Bill Shepherd.

Johnny Arthey was also the musical arranger for the Virgil Brothers and Rob Lovett who co-wrote two of the tracks had been a member of the Virgil Brothers.


Beautiful People
Philips SBL6308 055 - Released May, 1971
Malaysia ~ SLT 6436 508 (different sleeve)

 Beautiful People Philips Sleeve
Beautiful People
Never Ending Song of Love
Look What You've Done
When There's No Love Left
There's A Light
Blackberry Way
Eighteen Carat Friend
Ain't Love Easy
Your Song
I'll Be Home

First released by Philips in the UK under the title Beautiful People, this album was re-titled Never Ending Song of Love and re-issued in 1972 by Polydor after the release of both New Colours and We'd Like To Teach the World to Sing. This album includes another track co-written by Lovett and Peacock, When There's No Love Left and a track written and sung by Peter, Cincinnati.

Produced by David Mackay for Leon Henry Productions Ltd.
Arrangements by Bill Shepherd and David Mackay
Coordination by Keith Potger
Orchestra under the direction of Bill Shepherd
Engineers: Mike Claydon, Andy Knight, John Pantry, Chris West
Recorded at IBC Studios London
With thanks to: Terry Britten, Barry Guard, Graham Hall, Scott Shukat, Peter Skellern, Trevor Spencer, Alan Tarney


Beautiful People
LP Elektra EKS-740 88 - Released 1971
CD - with Elektra Circles Wounded Bird Records WOU 4088
Released 11.11.2008

Beautiful People rear of Elektra cover

Credits - As Above


New Colours
Polydor 2382 3066
MC 3170 043 - 8-track 3820 044
Released September, 1971
(Japan - Philips SFX-7435)

New Colours Polydor LP Sleeve front & rear

Doggone My Soul (How I Love Them Old Songs)
Something in the Way He Moves
Sweet Louise
Good Old Fashioned Music
Move Me Lord
No Man's Land
Child Of Mine
Lay Me Down
Too Many Trips To Nowhere
Boom Town

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The favourite album of many New Seeker fans, New Colours was the first album issued on the Polydor label for the group in the UK.  It included three tracks written by Peter and one by Paul Layton.

Produced by David Mackay for Leon Henry Poductions Ltd.
Arranged & conducted by David Mackay

Recorded at IBC and Morgan Studios, London
Robin Black, Mike Claydon, John Pantry, Andy Knight & Ken Scott
With thanks to: Terry Britten, Barrie Guard, Tweed Harris, Brian Peacock, Kevin Peek, Scott Shukat, Trevor Spencer, Alan Tarney


New Colours
Elektra 74108
Released 1971

Too Many Trips To Nowhere
Wanderer's Song
Boom Town
Move Me Lord
Nickel Song
Lay Me Down
No Man's Land
Sweet Louise
Good Old Fashioned Music
Child Of Mine

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New Colours Elektra LP sleeve

Credits - As Above





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