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New Seekers

After a successful tour in 2006 the current line-up of the New Seekers are set for further dates in 2007 including an appearance with original Seeker and New Seeker Keith Potger in March.  All the group's latest news, plus the group's history and memories galore on:
The New Seekers Official Website

Lyn Paul
2006 was a busy year for Lyn with several weeks performing in Blood Brothers, radio performance interviews and the release of her first CD.  Plenty more for Lyn is in the pipeline, for her latest news, information on other New Seekers the group and much more music info and nostalgia visit the:
Lyn Paul Website

Eve Graham
Back from retirement in 2005, Eve already has 2 CDs, associated DVD and a website to her credit. To find out the latest or join in with her forum go to the:
Eve Graham Website

Danny (Kevin) Finn
Long before Kevin Finn, joined the New Seekers under the alias Danny Finn, he was a member of Wishful Thinking, for more information and updates visit the
Wishful Thinking Website

Kathy Ann Rae (Cathy Logan)
Cathy Logan

Catriona Walsh
Irish Film Orchestras


Other Places to find the New Seekers on the web:


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Lyn Paul Website

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Nostalgia Central

UK Record Releases


We'd Like to Teach the World to Sing
CD notes

Yahoo New Seekers Group Website

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